Our most popular products are shown below. (Not all products Letcher Farm Supply sells are currently listed on our Products page.) Please call or stop by for more information on all our products, current prices and custom options.

Ag Chemicals and Fertilizers

We supply a full line of Ag Chemicals (including generic or program chemicals) and liquid Fertilizer options for your farming needs. Contact us today for current prices.

We are an authorized PureGrade Dealer. A full line of liquid fertilizer for in-furrow starters, foliar application, and transplant solutions. For more detailed information on the product including newsletters and product bulletins, check out their website at or contact us for best choice fertilizer in your area and on your fields. *PureGrade products are now part of The Andersons company. 

Corn and Soybean Seeds

We handle a variety of seed including:

Dairyland Seed (which includes Nutech, Pfifster, Brodbeck, Prairie Brand and Seed Consultants) and AgVenture

See rankings under the F.I.R.S.T. trials at                               

Poly Storage Tanks

If you're looking for a tank to hold your Fertilizer, Chemical or farm needs, please contact Letcher Farm Supply, Inc. for current prices on holding tanks as we are a local dealer for Poly Tanks, Vertical or Horizontal, Sump Bottom or Free Standing, Sprayer tanks, Mixing tanks and more. Contact us to find out sales prices each month for different products.

Steel Racking

Pictured to the left, is an example of a steel racking system set up. It is a free standing shelving system that you can change the amount of space between shelves or choose to have more shelves if you need. Please contact us more information and prices.

Planter & Drill Enhancements

Your local dealer for Rebounder Seed Covers, Liquid Pump and Manifold Systems, Scrapers, Fertilizer Disc, Furrow V Closer and more. Rebounders for your liquid fertilizer placement is the way to go. Contact us for special prices.

Traeger Grills/Smokers

Taste the Difference! Handcrafted Pellet Grills/Smokers. Grills, Accessories, Seasonings, Sauces and flavored wood Pellets. Makes for the perfect gift! For more information or cooking and recipe ideas, go to the website at

Call today for special prices.

Infrared V40 Heater

The V40 uses advanced infrared technology, the flame inside the insulated cone heats the front disk which serves two purposes, to radiate the heat and also as a catalytic converter reducing emissions to near zero.

The perfect heater for shop or outdoor use, like the heat from the sun, infrared heat is not affected by wind or rain. No smoke and no odors a result of the V40 state of the art combustion chamber.

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